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All Around Bad Gandersheim

Dear visitor, dear guest

We like to invite you to virtual walk to Bad Gandersheim and its surroundings.

Bad Gandersheim can offer you a lot. Surely you will find something what is of interest for you.

Perhaps  you are interested  in the history
of our region (Roman, Saxon emperors, Baroque period) or still more back in time, back to dinosaurs and still deeper in history....

Perhaps you are interested in our cultural scene
. Beside the highlights "Festival in front of the cathedral"  or the award ceremony of the Roswitha prize there are lots of high quality events, which can make you great pleasure or unforgetable evenings. - It's hard to believe - but our region has about the same number of cultural events as big towns like Hamburg or Hanover.

Perhaps you've heart about Roswitha
- the oldest german- , yes perhaps the oldest european poetess- which lived in our town. We will deal with this famous person in the following.  You know perhaps: our town is also called - the Roswitha- town.

Perhaps you prefer a nice diner or lunch. On our site you will make a find - and if you are only looking for the hours of opening of any restaurant

Perhaps you come into our (bath) town to make a cure. Here you will find a lot of interesting facts about a cure in Bad Gandersheim and health

Perhaps you are interested to do some sports
. We would like to inform you within some pages about the possibilities what you can do around our town.

Perhaps you have interest in the wide variety of attractions
which you can find here in the heart of Germany- all not to far from Bad Gandersheim.

Or perhaps- if you like to visit us with children
- have a look to an own site which we made only for Kids

But perhaps you are interested only to have some impressions of our town
- so surf around on our site and be fascinated from the beautynof our pituresque surrounding.

Please send us your ideas to improve our site. We will try to realize.

Your Wein & Stein - Team

Renaissance- encorbellement

Salle de guet


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