Historical highlights - Ferienwohnungen Wein und Stein Bad Gandersheim

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Historical highlights

The area of Bad Gandersheim is very famous because of its history.

Caves nearby give us the idea that stonage
human beings travelled around in this region

First hints of human urbanisation
date to...

The Romans
left their traces in this area. There are excavations of the 3rd century a.C. which actually can be visited. On the following page you may find a time table of the 3rd century to give you an historical orientation.

Especially  during midldle age period Bad Gandersheim was an important place in Middle Europe. A lot of king's houses have one of their origins in this region. Later born kings and emperors had been descendants of Henry 1 (Heinrich 1.). German Salian and Saxon Kings, french, Burgundian, Lotharingian, Polish and Hungarian aristocratic families can follow  their roots up to this king and  so far also in this region. You will find more about this relation on the ancestor chart of the saxonian kings.

Heinrich I. and his descendants got the eastern franconian kingdom from the descendants of Charlemagne. They governed the kingdom  a long time from the Harz mountains near Bad Gandersheim. Silver was found - a reason why the region was rich during those times. Female family members had been educated during those times in the Chapter of Bad Gandersheim, whose most famous representant was Roswitha, the first German lady writer.

Within the following time tables we try to bring alive European history starting in the area of our flats - especially for interested guests. We show the 3rd century, the time from 800 til 1260 a.C. and finally the  Renaissance and Baroque period which you can also find in our town. All that is shown in an European context by describing the most important contemporaneous events in England, France Spain, Scandinavia, Bycantinic empire, Popes- synoptically in steps by 10 years.

To be able to show all this information we have divided  into several sites as follows:

First traces of humans round Bad Gandersheim

First hints of human urbanisation round Bad Gandersheim

200   -   300 a.C.:
 Roman times  

800   -   900 a.C.:
  Europa and the holy roman empire, maximum poer and decline of Carolingians
900   - 1000 a.C.:
   The Ottonian emperors, rise of the saxonian emperors
1000 - 1100 a.C.:
   Pope and Emperor fight to have mor power, the century of Salian emperors
1100 - 1200 a.C.:
  Staufian Emperors fow the Salian
1200 - 1260 a.C.:
  Gotik  starts slowly, end of Staufian emperors

1400 - 1500 a.C.:
   Renaissance in Bad Gandersheim
1500 - 1600 a.C.:
  From Renaissance to Barock
1600 - 1700 a.C.:
   Barock in Bad Gandersheim
1700 - 1810 a.C.:
  Barock and Klassik until Napoleon

Or visit our exhibition: Portal to history
in the middle of Bad Gandersheim.

If you have some ideas for us - please let us know.

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