Prices - Ferienwohnungen Wein und Stein Bad Gandersheim

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Overnight stays
(per night)
Standard price flat42 €49 € 1 or 2 person(s)
+ 1 additional bed10 €10 €in a small separated room
+ 2 additional beds20 €20 €
in a small separated room
+ 3 additional beds30 €30 €
in 2 small separated rooms
Single room/shower35 €39 €Ground floor
Breakfast/person8 €

You have not to pay for cleaning, current or water. Bedclothes and tovel also are included.
We only expect that you leave the flat in the same condition as it was when arriving.

We cooperate with other owners of flats nearby- so that we can offer places for up to 30 persons.

We offer to our guests a 3% price reduction for all our wines.

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